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LLCP welcomes investment proposals from principals, intermediaries and service providers. Candidates for our portfolio must be aligned with our investment philosophy and meet the following criteria:

Strong Entrepreneurial Management—Principals have an articulate vision, proven leadership abilities and a significant stake in the company’s success.

Clear Market Leadership— Companies are market leaders with top quality products or services that offer a clear and sustainable competitive advantage.

Proven Historical Performance—Companies with revenues up to $750 million that have a strategic plan that capitalizes on growth opportunities and generate consistent cash flow.

Sustainable Capital Structure—A company’s proposed capital structure must be sufficient to meet its fixed obligations and provide for investment to support future growth.

Proficient Operating Systems—The company should have strong internal controls that allow management to quickly address challenges and capitalize on market opportunities.

Identified Exit Strategy—Strategy must include a reasonable time frame for the realization of shareholder value, including recapitalization, a public offering or sale of the company.

Should a company meet these criteria, we welcome the submission of a business plan, or portion thereof, for analysis and review. After initial contact, LLCP completes a thorough due diligence process and responds to investment candidates in a timely manner.